A quarter of Canadians are looking to buy a home

“A quarter of Canadians say they are looking to buy a home, with many noting their local housing market is becoming a buyer’s market. But most prospective buyers say they plan to wait until next year to purchase, reflecting broad uncertainty about the future of the country’s housing market.

Atlantic Canadians were most likely to be planning to purchase a home, according to a new poll of home buyers for Royal Bank of Canada. More than 60 per cent of potential buyers in the region, the highest in the country, said they intended to purchase a home this year rather than wait.

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Falling oil prices have put a damper on housing markets in Alberta, where 35 per cent of residents expect prices to drop further. More than 40 per cent of Albertans say the province is now in a buyer’s market, compared with just 22 per cent when the bank surveyed Albertans last year.” (The Globe and Mail, Published

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